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What are the side effects of HGH? How can they be avoided?

What are the side effects of HGH? How can they be avoided?

What are the side effects of HGH? How can they be avoided?

Growth hormone is often used for fat reduction, muscle gain, and anti-aging purposes. A person can gain more confidence and an improved sense of well-being compared to previous years. It refers to drugs, so it is important to be aware of all the side effects before starting to take it. If one compares this hormone with steroids, it is considered to be milder and safer. A responsible person will always follow generally accepted standards and dosages to reduce the chance of side effects. We will take a closer look at this topic and debunk all the myths.

What are the most common side effects?


Water retention is the most common problem you may encounter while taking it. It can be observed as early as a few days after starting the course. It can be noticed by looking at your fingers and face. For many, it seems like a drawback, but such a defect indicates that you have chosen a quality growth hormone.

Do you want to get rid of it? There are a few tips that will allow you to still look attractive. Let's list 3 aspects, thanks to which the amount of water in your body will come to normal:

  1. ANP.

  2. Vasopresin.

  3. Na+.

They work in conjunction because ANP regenerates Na+ and water balance, and vasopressin promotes their retention. The moment you take HGH, vasopressin starts to hold more water, and the consistency of the other substances changes as well.

To reduce swelling:

  • Minimize your salt intake (maximum 2-3 g of salt daily). The fact is that it contains sodium, which affects swelling. 

  • Do not consume alcohol and you will see a better effect. 

  • Divide the dose of the drug for different times of the day (usually 2-3 injections). 

  • Use a diuretic drug with a natural composition. They can look in different forms, and in addition, you can add different drinks, including the most standard.

  • Increase your water balance. This is required by vasopressin, which is found in the blood and depends on the level of water balance.

Carpal tunnel syndrome

Bodybuilders can often experience carpal tunnel syndrome, which is also one of the side effects of taking the growth hormone. Because of this, discomfort in the fingers and numbness in the wrists can occur. But in as little as a month, you will notice this side effect disappearing.

What is associated with the appearance of this nuisance?

This effect is due to compression of the median nerve of the wrist. It is divided into four nerves in the four fingers. When this effect happens, one feels it, because of certain vibrations. Again, it's affected by water retention, so you have to take care of proper water balance.  And in addition to water, you can add vitamin B6.

Diseases associated with taking


This is the most talked about side effect one can encounter. And it is predictable because the seriousness of this disease makes you wonder.

  • Tumor appearance. HGH itself does not cause this disease, which has been proven by Dr. Paul J. Jenkins. The fact is that it does not interact with defective cells, which are considered to be the cause of this disease.

  • Tumor development. If there is already a tumor, this substance will affect its development during the process of cell division. In addition, it already affects muscle growth, so it affects different processes in the body, including existing cancer cells.

  • Recidivism. According to research, there are no major risks of relapse due to taking HGH.


Glucose metabolism is something that can be affected by growth hormones. Along with other drugs, including insulin, it falls into the anabolic category and is naturally produced in the body. Insulin, in turn, is responsible for transporting glucose to certain cells so that its levels are reduced. Also, the hormone in question converts fat into energy, which affects the rise in blood glucose. As a conclusion, there is a risk of diabetes.

How to avoid this?

  • Pay attention to whether you have a genetic predisposition to the disease. To do this, research the features of your family tree. If there is such a problem, it is better to refuse to use the drug.

  • Properly calculate the cycle of administration, which should last no more than 3-4 months. This is a safe period and reduces the risk of side effects. When taking exogenous insulin, the cycle can be continued.

  • Find out what your blood sugar level is by getting a proper test. If there are any abnormalities, give up the idea of taking growth hormone.

  • Add insulin if your daily dosage exceeds 10 IU. We have described everything in more detail here:

Thyroid problems

At high doses, there is a risk of thyroid problems (more than 10 IU). This organ is overloaded, so such high dosages for a long period are used only by professional bodybuilders. To support this organ, exogenous hormones are additionally used.

What are some myths associated with HGH side effects?

There are myths about some of the side effects. You need to know them so you don't panic too much. But some people still believe the fiction. We propose to consider this issue in detail.

Natural growth hormone production decreases

There is a myth that synthetic HGH suppresses the production of natural HGH. But this is not true, compared to steroids and testosterone. When you start taking it, the natural production may indeed decrease. But within 24 hours after the end of the cycle, all processes will resume. This is true for the standard functioning of the pituitary gland as well. 

Gut growth hormone

Bodybuilders chase after great external performance. Because of this, the abuse of certain drugs appears. Excessive dosage leads to negative consequences for the intestines. There is an opinion that Dorian Yates is associated with this. But in the modern world, such a problem has not disappeared, so some bodybuilders can have a large bloated belly. At the same time, the abs are preserved. The intestines are associated with this process, so many popular athletes are against this method. But everyone has the right to decide for himself what and how to take.

There is a good side to this. Professional athletes are allowed to look attractive without a bloated belly. It requires the right combination of steroids, insulin, and growth hormone. The main thing is to choose the right dose and adjust your diet. Stay in the classic category and maintain an attractive look. Amateurs do not suffer from such problems as they do not abuse such substances.

Libido's dropping

Steroids can reduce your libido. Moreover, with age, the natural production of the substance that is responsible for sexual desire decreases. But growth hormone shows the opposite effect, thanks to which you can enjoy increased sexual desire.

Hair loss

This is another myth. Again, this problem is specific to the steroid, not HGH. Moreover, on the contrary, improvements are observed here, since this substance works perfectly in the fight against anti-aging signs. By stimulating collagen synthesis, your hair transforms and becomes thicker.

Rare side-effects

There are rarer side effects, but they can still occur:


The redness is a reaction to the injection from the immune system. There is another reason why this symptom can occur - and that is poor hygiene. Therefore, follow the following recommendations:

  • Before injecting, take a cotton disk, clean the site with alcohol, and wash your hands. 

  • It is better to use a longer needle rather than a shorter one. 

  • If redness appears, try changing the injection site.

For itching, use a special gel.

Feelings of fatigue and headaches

Rarely, people may complain of lack of energy and headaches. These side effects occur if you have chosen a low-quality drug. 

Opt for trusted brands of growth hormones that are highly rated. HGHworld offers favorable conditions and the best brands in the range. You can read information about the different companies of manufacturers here:

It can be concluded that the side effects of using this drug are quite mild when compared to other options. To reduce the number of problems, you need to choose a quality growth hormone and follow the instructions. Pay attention to such manufacturers as Ansomone , Genotropin, Cinnatropin, etc. 

If you are counting on a lower budget, consider the Chinese brands Hygetropin or ZPtropin. They too have a good track record in pharmaceuticals, so they provide proper quality. So go to the website and place your order at the most favorable prices.