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How does HGH help to maintain beauty and youthfulness?

How does HGH help to maintain beauty and youthfulness?

How does HGH help to maintain beauty and youthfulness?

Many people regularly look for solutions to prevent aging. They try different options and sometimes pay a lot of money for it. Today, there are many interesting options and it's not just surgery. It's worth talking about growth hormone, which is used by famous actors like Sly Stallone, whose youth is something to be envied. 

What are the characteristics of growth hormone?

Growth hormone (or HGH for short) refers to anabolic substances that are produced naturally. It is characterized by several advantages due to which it is used to help children who need to grow in height. Hence, the name is associated with metabolism. HGH can regenerate the skin and maintain its elasticity. Youthfulness can also be seen due to the fact that it stimulates fat loss, which significantly affects the appearance of a person. This substance interacts with receptors through the liver, releasing IGF-1, which also belongs to the category of proteins. In general, the aging process can be seen after the age of 25, so you should take care of your appearance as soon as possible.

How does aging happen?

Aging is a physiological change that occurs in the human body. They lead not only to skin aging, but also to deterioration of metabolic and other biological functions. You can notice these moments when you gain weight quickly and the skin loses its elasticity. However, it is possible to solve this and maintain the ability to be an active person without joint pain.

The positive effects of HGH on the body

Growth hormone is often used as an anti-aging drug because it helps to preserve youth for longer. This way, the aging process is delayed, and thus a person can feel confident and energetic. More details about all the features of this drug are described on the website. However, special attention should be paid to the main advantages, which will be discussed below.

HGH promotes muscle growth

You don't have to go to the gym to gain muscle mass. This function is effectively performed by HGH.  But everyone can enhance the benefits of this hormone by eating right and practicing any sport.

Growth hormone in weight loss

Weight loss is accomplished by changing the processes for which HGH is responsible. Unwanted fats become energy, so the person begins to feel more comfortable. The performance of sportsmen or members of different professions is also improved. In sum, you can prolong your youth by following all the rules and using this hormone, which is characterized by a number of benefits.

Improved skin plumpness with HGH

This growth hormone supports the important skin synthesis of elastin and collagen. Thanks to this, the skin retains its elasticity, youthfulness and attractiveness. This is why people can often notice a beautiful natural glow to their skin.

Care for cartilage and joints

Joints are also made up of substances that HGH takes care of. It helps to stimulate the synthesis of collagen and elastin, thus improving the health of the joints. In case of injury, this way you can recover them faster.

Supporting bone density with HGH

Bone volume is measured by the amount of mineral matter in the bone. There are some diseases that weaken bones, causing discomfort. HGH, besides interacting with collagen, also has a positive effect on osteocalcin. At a certain age, it is important to take care of this on your own in order to maintain vigor and youthfulness.

Improving the immune system with HGH

This growth hormone can affect immune cells by not binding to IGF receptors. But it is important to understand the different types of immune cells:

  • B cells (found in the bone marrow).
  • T cells (comprise the immune system).
  • NK cells (a group of lymphocytes also called natural killer cells).

HGH relieves insomnia

It's no secret that the appearance and well-being of a person depends on us. HGH improves the quality of sleep and helps to get rid of insomnia, which has a positive effect on the body.

All about Dosage, frequency of administration and effectiveness of the hormone

The dosage of HGH is as follows:

To prevent aging - 1-3 IU per day

For quality weight loss - 2-4 IU per day

For gaining muscle mass and for athletes - 4/8 IU daily

For professional athletes and bodybuilders - 8-15 IU

Frequency of use (ED, EOD, 5/2)

Deciphering the frequency of growth hormone administration:

ED denotes daily application that will demonstrate maximum benefit.

EOD stands for Every Other Day. To achieve results with this method, you need to follow a longer cycle.

5/2 is ideal for those who don't want to take HGH every day and are willing to drink it for several years. It also has a low rate of side effects.

The daily supplementation protocol

Taking two doses daily is the optimized choice for the next reasons:

Two doses daily ensure steady HGH and IGF-1 levels.

Having 2 injections is easier for the liver to metabolize.

There will be noticeably weaker side effects of any potential side effects.

Further details on the injectable treatment are available on the website.

Common cycle choices 

There are two basic protocols in terms of the length of the cycle of HGH intake:

A 1-2 monthly phase cycle is the best cycle for anti-aging, dermal regeneration, cartilage synthesis, and bone strength.

The 4-6 month phase is the ideal cycle for the bodybuilder/athlete.

Cycle Options

Below are examples of cycles of taking HGH for the fight against aging. Listed here are sample 8-week and 12-week dose cycles. The suggested dose for men and women to maintain youthfulness is 2-3 IU.

Variant 1: 

Weeks 1-4: 2 units once daily during the morning

Weeks 5-6: 2.5 IU once daily morning dose.

Weeks 7-8: 3 IU per each day as follows: 2 IU injections of 1.5 IU, one in the morning and one in the evening.

Here is a 12-week cycle for anti-aging:

Variant 2:

Weeks 1-4: 2 IU once a day in the morning

Weeks 5-8: 2.5 units once a day in the morning.

Weeks 8-12: 3 units per day as below: 2 IUs or 1.5 IU, one and the same morning and one and the same afternoon.

Variant 3

A person can take HGH twice a day to see results

How does a person realize that HGH is the perfect solution?

HGH is a growth hormone that is time-tested. Side effects will not be difficult to deal with as they are as mild as possible. In return, a person can prolong his youth and get high from the reflection in the mirror. To feel all the charms of this moment, use HGH and evaluate its effectiveness in practice quite soon after the start of use.