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Cycle HGH

Cycle HGH

Cycle HGH

Growth hormone cycles are different and usually depend on the chosen goals. Before you start taking it, it is important to read the instructions and choose the correct dosage. In particular, it is important for bodybuilders to know what growth hormone is and whether it can be combined with other drugs. Other buyers, however, need to be sure of the characteristics of the substance. We suggest discussing growth hormones in detail and learn all the important features.

We offer a brief highlighting of what growth hormone is:

  • Growth hormone is a protein hormone that can also be produced naturally and is made up of 191 amino acids.

  • This substance is self-secreted every 3-5 hours, but most of this process occurs at night.

  • This hormone binds to receptors on liver cells. This process affects the release of insulin-like growth factor-1, making you feel more comfortable.

  • Taking growth hormone is popular because after the age of 20, the body's independent production of it decreases.

  • Growth hormone is produced under laboratory conditions and its performance does not differ from that of natural hormone.

In addition to its most popular characteristics, anti-aging benefits can be noted when taken. Athletes have been using this substance for a long time to improve muscle mass and fat loss. For those who have a goal to lose weight or feel younger, this is ideal, so look into growth hormone.

Positive changes from taking growth hormone

Everyone wants to understand what benefits can be expected when taking this substance. Let's list the main ones:

Skin regeneration

The skin is made up of collagen, cartilage, and elastin. Growth hormone positively affects these aspects, so prevention of signs of aging is noted. Therefore, many people use it to preserve their youthfulness.

Takes care of bone and cartilage health

Growth hormone affects the synthesis of collagen and elastin, which favorably affects the condition of cartilage and joints. This too has a positive effect on keeping you young and feeling good.

Muscle growth

Growth hormone stimulates overall muscle growth, which affects your overall appearance. If you want to increase muscle mass, this option is calculated for you. It affects protein synthesis and also carries out muscle cell division and is responsible for other processes.

Losing weight

Growth hormone uses fat for energy. Because of this, a person can lose excess fat more quickly and become more shapely. It is also relevant for those who are aiming for an anti-aging program and want to feel as fresh and young as possible. As a result, you will be able to compare the results before and after. 

A few more positives

Any bodybuilder aims to build muscle mass and lose excess fat. Growth hormone provides such an opportunity. That is, this substance is considered universal for achieving different goals. 

Regular results

Athletes see results from a course of growth hormones all the time. Especially, the duration can be noticed when comparing it with taking steroids. 

What are some of the side effects?

Growth hormone is often used to lose weight, improve health, and maintain youthfulness, given the lack of serious side effects. Again, this is an advantage over steroids. Some of the side effects include certain body reactions and water retention by the body.

How does growth hormone work?

Injected growth hormone is mastered in the liver, entering the bloodstream. It is gradually converted into IGF-1. Insulin-derived growth factor, in turn, is responsible for many outcomes. 

What are the recommended doses of growth hormone to consume?

Doses should be calculated based on your goals: 

  • Prevention of signs of aging and cosmetic purposes- 1-3 IU/day.

  • Fat loss is 2-4 IU/day.

  • For athletes aiming at muscle mass growth - 4-8ME/day.

  • 8-15 IU is the maximum allowable dose for experienced bodybuilders.

How often can growth hormones be used?

Standardly, the frequency of reception is divided into:

  • EL (every day) - provides a regular supply of growth hormone to the body. It is taken every day, so it is considered more expensive.

  • EOD (every other day) - suitable for those with a smaller budget. To get the desired result, it needs to be consumed for a longer period. This option is not ideal if your main goal is fat loss. To lose weight, you need to burn fat and get energy every day, not in between.

  • 5/2 - This option is used by those who use growth hormones for a long time without interruption. If you take two days off per week, you can reduce the likelihood of side effects.

Important course parameters

Before taking it, it is important to determine which cycle you are using:

  • Short (1-2 months) - suitable for rejuvenation, joint health, and cartilage synthesis. 

  • Long (4-6 months) - is relevant for bodybuilders, but a break should be taken after the end of the intake.

Growth hormone cycles for use by bodybuilders

We recommend following the advice on the use of the substance for bodybuilders, which we have described below. They are concerned the duration of intake, compatibility with other drugs, as well as advice for female athletes.

When can I see the effects of taking it?

Already after the first two weeks of use, you can notice the effectiveness of growth hormone. The duration of the cycle varies from 2 to 4 months. If you are aiming for a longer course, you can use a lower dose. 

The break can be the same as the length of the course itself.


Let's highlight examples of mass gain and weight loss cycles:

Time to grow muscle mass:

  • 6-8 weeks - dosage per day of 6-12 IU + 30-50 mg of Dbol or Tbol.

  • 8-10 weeks - dosage of 6-12 IU + 250-1000 mg per day of testosterone enanthate, cypionate or sustanon.

Cutting cycles:

  • 6-10 weeks - dose of 4-8 IU + 50 mg per day of Winstrol or Anavar. 

Post-course growth hormone therapy in cycles

Post-course therapy is more relevant when taking steroids. The body needs to restore the necessary amount of hormones and testosterone. However, the advantage of growth hormone is that there is no need for post-course therapy. TCT will only be required when combining growth hormones with steroids. In such a case, you need to follow the recommendations and dosages. 

Acceptance of the course by women

The duration of the cycle for women is considered standard. The dosage is as follows: 

3-4 IU daily, but divided into two times (morning and evening).

Cycles of use for cosmetic purposes

A large number of people want to use growth hormone to slow down aging and its signs. In this case, a cycle of 8-12 weeks is often used. The recommended dose for cosmetic purposes is a minimum of 2-3 IU/day.

Variant 1:

1-4 weeks: Utilization of 2 IU once daily.

5-6 weeks: 2.5 IU dose once daily in the morning.

7-8 weeks: 3 IU of growth hormone, divided into 2 doses per day: 1.5 IU in the morning and evening.

Variant 2:

1-4 weeks: Once a day at 2 IU.

5-8 weeks: Dose of 2.5 IU once a day.

8-12 weeks: 3 IU per day, divided into morning and evening intakes.

What effect can we expect from growth hormones?

Gaining muscle mass with growth hormone is easy if you supplement your intake with workouts and a diet with the right amount of protein. Effectiveness depends on several factors, including proper course, nutritional quality, and age. If your dose is 5 IU/day for 4-6 weeks, you can gain 10-15 pounds of muscle and lose up to 10 pounds of fat.

To prevent aging and maintain healthy skin, it only takes one cycle to notice a change. See before/after photos of other people to see for yourself. 

Final opinion

Growth hormone is divided into its intended purpose. In this article, we have tried to detail the correct dosages and all the important characteristics that matter, regardless of your goals.

Daily injections are not difficult to do, so everyone can figure it out. More information that will be useful is described here -

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