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Shipping FAQ

Which shipping companies do you work with?

Your order will be sent using the most suitable courier company (National Postal Services, EMS, TNT, etc.) depending on your order and the destination country.

Which countries do you ship to?

We ship worldwide.

Do you give tracking number?

We give tracking number for each package in a 3-7 days after order was sent. We forward information to you immediately after shippers ship out the package and send us tracking number. 

You will receive a notification via email registered to your account. Following the parcel after providing the tracking number is customer's responsibility.  We also follow every parcel as soon as we receive tracking numbers until delivery to avoid any issue and informing customer if we see any abnormality.

How can I track my order?

You may view the status and movement of your order by clicking on the tracking number on your order details page.

To track your package, please enter your tracking number to an online tracker. One of the most commonly used trackers is:

Your package's last status in the tracker (while the package is in transit) is always the last status in the sender country. The tracker will be updated with the new status message once the package arrives and gets processed in the destination country. So, please don't get confused: your package might be in transit already for several days, but the tracker would show a status message from the sender country.

I would like to change my shipping information 

Your order details always reflect the shipping information in your profile at the time of order placement. To change your shipment information after you have placed an order, please send us a message from your order page and we will assist you. Unfortunately, we cannot change the shipping info once your order is forwarded to the warehouse.

How long does it take after the payment to receive my order?

We usually send your package within 3-5 days after the payment (rarely – more than 5 days). We decide on shipment days taking into account many factors including the safety and security of your package.

Delivery service time – 7-14 days (in rare cases and during the period of postal overloads — up to 3-4 weeks or more).So, you will get your package after 7-14 days after the payment, or up to 20 days in rare cases.

Why am i charged for more than one shipping fee?

When your order contains products from different warehouses, you may charged for more than one shipping. Please contact us if you need assistance with your order optimization.

Do you keep HGH cool during shipping?

We cannot use any ways of cooling like thermo boxes, because they make package heavier and much more expensive to ship (200-300 $ instead of 30 $).
Secondly, thermo box attracts extra attention from customs and increases risks of seizure. Thirdly, all available ways of cooling works for just 1-2 days.
But you don’t have to worry about your HGH state during shipping.All of our products are produced using freeze-drying technology and vacuum packaging. It allows them to be stored for 3 weeks outside the fridge without any destruction of the somatropin structure.

What is the shipping costs?

Regular Postal shipping - 30$

EMS - depends on your region, minimum 50$.

My tracking number is not active

It may take several days for your tracking number to get active, this is normal. Please give it some time before contacting us. Your package will be delivered within the given timeframe.

Signature requirement when delivery

Signature may required when delivery. During the pandemic, some postman didn't ask for signature and left the package at the door or in the mailbox, and they're still working the same way. This action is related with the postman and they decide what to do.  Neither we nor the shipper are able to interfere with this process.