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SP Labs

Bacteriostatic water 10 ml
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SP tropin 50 IU
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The brand is popular among athletes because of the high quality of the products. Anabolic drugs constitute more than half of the products offered by SP Labs, but our online store offers injectable growth hormone – a safer, but no less effective alternative to steroids. This company’s somatotropin is highly purified, the hormone’s effectiveness is confirmed by laboratory testing and numerous reviews. 

SP Laboratories is a brand that successfully combines profitable price and great quality. We order the product directly from the dealers of AP Labs brand, so be sure you’ll buy original growth hormone from Moldova.    

Production specifics

SP Labs Moldova isn’t just a manufacturer of sports pharma products, it’s a multi-purpose enterprise that has its own laboratories. In those laboratories, the specialists develop and test new products both for their company and its partners, as well as for other companies. The vast experience let SP Labs establish new quality standards and become one of the experts in the market.

The company shares its  production facilities with one of the leaders of this area  – Balkan Pharmaceuticals, and it confirms the company’s status. This brand gained its reputation thanks to thoughtful control both at the stage of raw material preparation and at the stage of testing ready-made products. The products by SP Labs have the same characteristics, but their price is lower.    

Quality of products and reviews on products by SP Laboratories

Try SPtropin to estimate the thoughtful approach of a Moldavian company to production. The product shows high efficiency and minimum amount of side effects, it’s confirmed by independent testing. If you’re planning to gain muscle mass naturally, get beautiful muscle definition, or boost your strength and stamina for more effective workouts, choosing SP Labs is rational. 

Reviews say that injections of Moldavian growth hormone are almost pain-free, the anabolic effect is mild and long-lasting. The best proofs of the product’s effectiveness are moderate fat burning and higher appetite.     

The key difference of somatotropin produced by SP Labs from other brands’ products is the price which is lower than the price of many much-hyped analogs. Practice shows that this fact has no effect on the product’s quality. 

In fact, you get growth hormone of more expensive category while spending less money on the cycle. At the same time, it’s important to avoid fakes. 

Buy the original injectable and tablets products in our online store and check the verification code on the manufacturer’s website.