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Omnitrope 1,5 ml 75 IU
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Sandoz is an international pharmaceutical company specializing in the production of bioanalogues and generics (reproduced drugs containing an active pharmaceutical substance identical to one previously invented and patented by another company) for the treatment of infectious diseases, dermatological diseases, respiratory diseases, diseases of the cardiovascular system and central nervous system, ophthalmological and analgesic agents, drugs for the treatment of rheumatological and oncological diseases, hormone therapy.

Some products were designed specifically to strengthen the effects got from strength-building workouts, but some solutions were taken by bodybuilders from regular medicine. Pharmaceutical and biotechnological substances, as well as medications produced by Sandoz are used by people from all over the world.    

Our online store offers the brand’s products that can also be used by athletes. You can buy tablets and injectable products by Sandoz after choosing them in our catalog. We offer the best prices and delivery throughout the USA. 

High-quality products 

The company was founded in 1986 and, currently, it unites 8 major research, manufacturing, and technological centers where medications are produced. Today, Sandoz is a huge holding company the products of which are offered in the pharma markets of 120 countries of the world and are available for everyone.   

The company is a leader in terms of selling generic products (more than 1000 items together with innovative biotechnological solutions). In terms of this, Sandoz is one of the most productive manufacturers in Europe.     

Omnitrope that contributes to growth hormone synthesis is very popular among strength athletes. This is a peptide hormone (because of its chemical structure) and it stimulates muscle and bone tissue growth.  If the dosage is correct, cells divide and muscle tissues regenerate. The product also helps to get rid of injuries and excess fat quickly, too.  In addition, the Australian brand’s products help to boost insulin production, thus leading to active protein synthesis.   

How to place an order 

You can buy Sandoz in our online store with the help of a convenient service or order it by phone. We recommend you to get advice from our experienced specialists to choose the product that matches your goals. Also, we offer sports medications at a cheaper price than regular drugstores, we run special offers, so you can buy many products at a discount. We constantly add new products to our store. We recommend you to visit our online store as often as possible to avoid missing new arrivals.