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GeneScience Pharmaceuticals

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Genescience Pharmaceuticals Co ltd (GenSci).

Large-scale biopharmaceutical company established in 1996 in China. At the end of the 20th century, sport became the basis of life for people, as well as the use of various means to achieve sports results in competitions. The founder was Doctor Lee Jin, a famous man in the country. By 50% the company was owned by the state, which contributed to the rapid development of the group and long-term existence in the market of sports pharmaceuticals. 

By the end of 1998, the founder’s efforts had produced several drugs, and a few months later the manufacturer became the leader in his country. The sale of synthetic hormones took place in state institutions and pharmacies. Soon the manufacturer expanded its horizons and was increasingly approached by private pharmacies and hospitals. 

By 2002, the company had gained most of the domestic market and became the number one brand in China. In a short period of time in just 20 years, the Group has reached the world level and it has become known in all countries of Europe and Asia. In development, the manufacturer involved the best scientists and chemists, as well as qualified high-profile employees. Due to the quality of the product is popular among professional athletes, lovers and supporters of youth and beauty. 

With the release of a new form of hormone in 2005, not only sales but also the popularity of the concern increased. In the process of creation only innovative technologies and modern equipment of high class were used. Since its inception, the company has not experienced any problems due to government influence. The products are inspected in stages and sold in different countries. Many have heard about the strict laws of China, they certainly concern production. 

Only advanced drugs with a wide range of applications and maximum exposure are on the market.


* Wide range of high quality products.

* Innovative developments in genetic engineering.

* The largest human growth hormone producer in Asia.

* High ranking among pharmaceutical companies.

* Has its own laboratories and scientific staff.

* Owns the most advanced technology platform.

* Patented globally

* Studies the possibility of treating complex diseases such as cancer.

* Available prices.

* High production quality.

* License and certificate.

* Charity.

Preparations of this manufacturer are used not only in sports practice, but also medicine. The company announced the release of the latest products, unparalleled in the world, attracting even more consumer attention. The safety of technology allows the concern to be the best among manufacturers. 

To keep abreast of developments, managers pay great attention to the international market and marketing. The company pays a lot of attention and funds for charity. In 2008, the manufacturer made a gesture of aid to the Chinese red cross and donated 5 million Yuan. The founders of the company established their own endowment fund in 2010 to help people with skeletal development difficulties. 

Taking care of dwarf people, contributed to the popularity of the company, and it was talked about internationally.