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Artrosulfur MSM+HA

Brand: ALFAKJN S.r.l
Product Code: For joints, ligaments, tendons
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This medicine’s formula is based on hyaluronic acid and designed to offer complete support for joint mobility, function, and overall health. Artrosulfur MSM+HA was created by carefully combining vital components, such as hyaluronic acid sodium salt (1.6%) and methylsulfonylmethane (5% of MSM), with pure water and minerals like sodium chloride.

This combination provides a focused method of reducing joint pain and fostering the best possible joint condition. Artrosulfur MSM+HA is a common prescription for the treatment of knee osteoarthritis (OA) — a scientifically approved formula for restoring the viscosity and flexibility of the synovial fluid in osteoarthritis-affected joints. Created by Laborest, this medication includes three pre-filled and moist-heat sterilized syringes of two millimeters each.

Science Behind Artrosulfur MSM+HA

This medication is MDD-91/42/EEC-compliant and CE-marked. It contains ingredients that are produced through fermentation processes rather than chemical modification, resulting in a viscoelastic, sterile, clear, and non-pyrogenic solution from the brand. Hyaluronic acid in the medicine’s formula serves as a natural lubricant for joint surfaces, including cartilages. It is an effective shock absorber with a positive influence on the knee function and both short-term and long-term pain and discomfort reduction.

Warnings and Contaidications

This medicine isn’t recommended in the following cases:

  • for children and self-prescribed treatment courses;

  • if the package is damaged;

  • injections in inflamed skin areas;

  • for severely inflamed or infected joints;

  • in the combination with benalkonium chloride solutions.

These intra-articular injections have to be performed by professional physicians before the expiry date. Possible side-effects include swelling, redness, stiffness, and pain in the knee area. If the patient sees prolonged and advanced symptoms after the procedure, it is necessary to ask for medical help.

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