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Orlistat Orlijohn 120 mg 10 caps

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Fat burner Orlistat Orlijohn 120 for sale

Orlijohn Orlistat 120 mg fat burner is an effective product for weight loss and improving body shape. Its active ingredient works by forming a covalent bond with stomach and intestinal enzymes, which prevents the breakdown of fats from food. It helps reduce the intake of calories into the body and accelerates the fat burning process.

Drug action

The mechanism of action of Orlijohn 120 mg is based on the fact that the drug blocks the work of lipases, enzymes responsible for the breakdown of fats. It leads to their reduction in the body. 24-40 hours after taking it, it begins to actively reduce the concentration of fat in the fecal masses, which helps to reduce body weight.

Orlistat, the main component of Orlijohn 120 mg, is practically not absorbed from the digestive tract, which ensures the safety of the drug when used properly. It is excreted from the body with the feces, and its metabolites have practically no pharmacological activity.

How to use Orlistat - dosage

It is recommended to take Orlijohn 120 mg three times a day during main meals, with meals or at least one hour after meals. Following a balanced, low-calorie diet containing no more than 30% of calories as fat helps achieve optimal results without the occurrence of side effects.

Orlistat where to buy online 

To maintain adequate nutrient intake, it is recommended to take multivitamins 2 hours after taking Orlijohn 120 mg or before bedtime. It is not recommended to increase the dose of the drug above the recommended dose, as it will not enhance its therapeutic effect. Orlistat does not interact with most drugs, but may reduce the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins, so it is recommended to separate their intake by time.

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