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Cinnatropin 30 IU
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Today, Cinnagen is one of the world's leaders in biopharmaceuticals and the export of biotechnologies. Since its establishment, the manufacturer has conducted research and development to meet the needs of athletes. It initially started with the production of enzymes and reagents for molecular biology and then successfully applied its proprietary technologies to develop monoclonal antibodies that can enhance training efficiency and improve athletes' performance.

The company's entry into the market of therapeutic recombinant proteins and monoclonal antibodies brought Cinnagen recognition in the world of sports pharmacology. Its groundbreaking developments have opened up new possibilities. Cinnagen's products help to: 

  • Improve physical endurance;

  • accelerate recovery after workouts; 

  • reduce the risk of sports injuries. 

Biopharmaceuticals by Cinnagen are widely used in the field of sports pharmacology to promote optimal fitness and enhance athletic performance. Cinnagen is strategically positioned within the industry and is committed to applying its vast experience toward fostering sustainable sports health and performance excellence.