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CanadaPeptides Somatropin 75 IU
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CanadaPeptides Somatropin 75 IU (EU domestic)
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When exercising bodybuilding to get to increase quality muscle mass use specialized sports nutrition and steroids.

The latter are harmful to the body, so we suggest replacing them with our drug. Our company is the official distributor of the brand Canada Peptides, produces drugs for athletes.

What is this drug and what is its use

So, we have already found that this is the optimal analogue of hormonal agents used in bodybuilding. These substances are composed of molecules constructed from residues of α-amino acids that are connected to a chain by bonds. This class of organic compounds is very diverse, its representatives perform a variety of regulatory functions in the body.

We offer to buy peptides in Kiev, which will be very useful in bodybuilding.

They will enable:

  • Activate growth hormone

  • Promote muscle growth

  • Increase the rate of metabolism;

  • Promote the burning of fat;

  • Reduce recovery time after strenuous workouts

  • Strengthen cartilage and bone;

  • Increase immunity;

  • rejuvenate.

Some novice athletes ask quite a logical question: why use Canada Peptides if you can buy artificial growth hormone

Judging by the reviews, peptides have a number of significant benefits:

  • Their cost is lower than HGH;

  • The same rate will be much cheaper;

  • By manipulating the concentration, achieves anabolic response;

Canada Peptides can affect the feeling of hunger and metabolism, which regulates the functioning of the body.

Unlike anabolic drugs, the use of peptides is not regulated by law, so they can be used at any time. They are rapidly and almost completely destroyed in the body, so you are not afraid of any doping control.


Before you buy Canada Peptides, you need to understand their varieties. Peptides used in bodybuilding are divided into functional and structural. Structures begin to work after complete splitting, their parts go to the formation of new muscle fibers. Structural include serum protein concentrate and hydroisolate.

Functional peptides are used both to increase muscle mass and to reduce overweight. Those that work on increasing muscle mass activate the production of HGH. In parallel, the immunity is strengthened, the state of the ligaments is improved.

Peptides used for weight loss increase somatotropin secretion by 2-4 times. In addition, they accelerate metabolism, inhibit appetite, stimulate burning of the subcutaneous fat layer.

Why Canada Peptides

The brand deserves the trust of both athletes from Kiev and from other cities. The price of Peptides is at an acceptable level, the manufacturer puts a lot of effort into this.

There are other brands, but presented in our online store has the following advantages:

  • own production lines with strict quality control;

  • Use of modern technologies;

  • wide range - more than 20 items in the line.