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Tadalafil Vidalista 40 mg 10 tab

Product Code: Sexual Wellness
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Purchase Tadalafil Vidalista 40 mg (10 Tablets) Online

You don’t have to stick to Cialis only — it isn’t the only way to deal with the aftermath of erectile dysfunction and other issues with a negative impact on your sexual health. Tadalafil Vidalista isn’t inferior to alternative products in the market at all. Available at a budget-friendly price, it is a great solution for strong arousal and pleasant experiences with your partner.

What Is Tadalafil Vidalista's Efficiency?

The main active ingredient in the drug is generic Tadalafil, which is also known as a selective reversible inhibitor. It is one of the four major types in the PDE5 classification. Its enzyme takes part in the metabolization process with the help of cGMP, so its performance doesn’t cure the root of the problem in the long run.

It acts directly on the erectile tissue and maintains an erection of the penis at the moment of sexual excitement. The drug’s inhibitor ensures the penis receives more blood and a stable erection, as a result.

How to Take Tadalafil: Usage and Dosage

It is recommended to take this pill thirty to sixty minutes before the planned intercourse. Its usage doesn’t depend on your meals throughout the day, but it would be better to avoid eating something heavy, fatty, and oily. Such dishes may decrease the overall efficiency of the treatment.

The recommended maximum dose per day is one tablet. Decreasing the daily dose will be a nice idea for senior men — consult with your doctor to consider the right therapy tactics.

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