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Somatropines SWISS 100 IU
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Buy Somatropines SWISS

Growth hormone SWISS Pharma for sale

Somatropin from SWISS Pharma is a high quality synthetic human growth hormone (HGH) designed to treat a variety of medical conditions and improve physical characteristics. It is an analog of natural growth hormone, which is produced in the body.

Mechanism of action

SWISS Pharma growth hormone acts on muscle, bone and adipose tissue cells, stimulating their growth and regeneration. 

The main effects:

  • Increased secretion of insulin-like growth factor-1 (IGF-1), which promotes tissue growth.

  • Acceleration of lipolysis (fat breakdown).

  • Improved metabolism of carbohydrates and proteins.

Application in sports

SWISS Pharma growth hormone is used in a sports environment to produce the following effects:

  • Acceleration of recovery after training.

  • Reduction of fat mass.

  • Increasing muscle mass.

  • Improvement of joint and bone health.

  • Accelerated metabolism.

  • Boost of energy and endurance.

SWISS Pharma growth hormone is applied by injection, intramuscularly or subcutaneously.

Medical use:

  • Men: 1-3 IU per day.

  • Women: 1-2 IU per day, sometimes less than 1 IU in anti-aging therapy.

Sports application:

  • Reconvalescence and fat loss - 2-4 IU per day (1-2 IU for women).

  • Anabolic effect and muscle growth - 6-8 IU per day, courses of 16 weeks or more.

  • Anti-aging therapy - long-term use, possibly for life.

Growth hormone SWISS Pharma is a powerful tool, the effectiveness and safety of which depend on proper use and control by medical professionals. Athletes and people seeking to improve their quality of life should consider possible side effects and follow recommended dosages.