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Hygetropin 100 IU
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Buy Hygetropin online

Hygetropin HGH for sale

This is the trade name of synthetic HGH, an analog of human hormone, consists of 191 amino acids. The chemical basis includes the substance Recombinant HGH. High quality Hygetropin was synthesized in China.

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Effects of Use HGH Hygetropin 100iu

Hygetropin has been developed to provide skeletal bone growth stimulation for people with growth deficiency of tubular bones. After a course of growth hormone administration, normalization of bone density and mineral content is observed. Hygetropin has an effect on the growth and increase in the number of cells of internal organs and glands, and also noticeably increases lean muscle mass.

Due to the acceleration of metabolic processes and the movement of amino acids into the cell with subsequent protein synthesis, not only the growth of muscle fibers occurs, but also actively burns subcutaneous fat. Hygetropin stops muscle catabolism, creates the effect of muscle definition, while increasing physical and strength capabilities.


  • anabolic effects on the growth of lean body muscle mass;

  • reduces the percentage of subcutaneous fat;

  • inhibits the catabolic properties of muscle breakdown;

  • improves skin quality;

  • has a rejuvenating effect;

  • has a healing effect on the healing of wounds and burns;

  • has an effect on triggering the growth of internal organs;

  • stimulates bone growth in people under 25 years of age;

  • strengthens bones and immunity.

Vials of high quality Hygetropin are vacuumed with inert gas to improve the safety of the product.

Where to Buy Hygetropin online in the USA

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