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Buy Ansomone online

Human growth hormone Ansomone for sale

It was developed for therapeutic purposes, for use in people suffering from endogenous disease, expressed by a catastrophic lack of growth hormone. The practice of application revealed additional positive qualities, the drug was later used for treatment of burn injuries and for faster healing of postoperative cuts, treatment of internal organs of the liver and kidneys. 

Ansomone is also actively used for rejuvenation of the body and has a great effect on improving the condition of hair and skin. You can find this drug for sale in our online shop. We offer the best prices for legal HGH products in the USA and EU.

How to Use Ansomone

The drug is used in bodybuilding, fitness, powerlifting and other strength sports. The preparation has a fantastic effect on the rapid growth of muscle tissues, regulating the metabolic process aimed at reducing fat stores. Fast-soluble recombinant has not only a promoting effect aimed at increasing strength, but also stimulates the immune system.

Favorably affects the growth of internal energy, improves mood, creative and mental abilities. After using a course of injections of recombinant growth hormone, there is an increase in sexual desire.

Ansomone has properties to increase the rate of protein synthesis throughout the body. Its use also has the following effects on the human body:

  • carries out the launching, regenerative processes in joints and cartilage tissues;

  • creates an anabolic effect;

  • affects the reduction of catabolism of muscle fibers;

  • burns subcutaneous fat;

  • has an effect on physical endurance;

  • reduces the heart's oxygen consumption improving the contractile properties of the heart muscle.

By its appearance Ansomone is a powder of white color, containing a certain number of units of the drug IU or IU. It is used for intramuscular injections or subcutaneous administration of the drug.

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