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RegenFlex TM 32mg/2ml

Product Code: For joints, ligaments, tendons
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This innovative medication is an excellent tool for addressing degenerative tendon disorders and traumas. Produced by Regenyal Laboratories SRL in Italy, the package includes one two-millimeter syringe with thirty-two milligrams of linear hyaluronic acid.

Science Behind RegenFlex ™ 

With advanced hyaluronic acid in its content, its formula accelerates the tendon’s elasticity and functionality restoration. In addition, it supplies the area with nutrients and oxygen, stimulating the cellular regeneration of the tissue. The purest sodium hyaluronate is the key component of the formula — with a molecular weight between 800 and 1200 kDaltons. This medication is designed to regulate knee articular viscosity, lessen friction between such surfaces, and treat joint discomfort overall.

How to Use RegenFlex ™ 32mg/2ml

One disposable prefilled syringe, sterilized with wet steam, is included in the package. The recommended treatment course lasts around five weeks with one injection per seven days. Such intra-articular injections are to be prescribed and performed by a professional physician. Based on the patient’s health state, it is possible to repeat treatment cycles. It is recommended to keep a six-month interval in between. Multiple joints may be treated at the same time — only at the doctor’s discretion.


Do not use the drug if the package is damaged or opened or after the expiration date. Here are some usage-related recommendations:

  • The skin in the area of injection has to be healthy, without lesions, inflammations, and infections.

  • If there is a significant amount of intra-articular fluid accumulation, it is a must to remove extra fluid with the joint aspiration procedure.

  • If the patient suffers from venous congestion or a clogged lymphatic system, the use of the injection isn’t allowed.

  • Joint capsules, synovial tissues, and joint cavities aren’t the proper locations for the injection.

After intra-articular injections, the patient has to refrain from intense physical activities. It is allowed to return to normal activity around three days after the treatment course.

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