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Flexylink 4

Brand: Aerazen Lab
Product Code: For joints, ligaments, tendons
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Flexylink 4 Hyaluronic Acid: Buy Intra-articular Injections in the USA 

Flexylink 4 is a sterile biodegradable physiogel for injections that includes hyaluronic acid and has viscoelastic properties. The product is intended for intra-articular use. It is intended to normalize the consistency of synovial fluid filling the intra-articular cavity.

Each package comes with a 4 ml Flexylink syringe and 2 labels featuring the batch number. You can buy Flexylink 4 in Ukraine by contacting our company. Experienced professionals will help you to place an order online.


Flexylink 4 is a synthetic substitute for synovial fluid characterized by viscoelastic and lubricating properties. When it is injected into the intra-articular cavity, the gel helps to restore the function of joints in a degenerative or post-traumatic state. The gel also improves the properties of synovial fluid, which will reduce pain syndromes and improve joint mobility..


The gel has no systemic effects. It provides a localized impact on the joint at the area of injection.


How to Use

Before proceeding with Flexylink 4 injection, exudate or transudate (if any) must be removed from the joint cavity. There is a dedicated needle included in the kit for these procedures. The cap should be carefully removed from the syringe and the needle should be firmly secured on the Luer closure clamp. The injection area should be treated with a disinfectant. Flexylink 4 (the price is indicated in the appropriate section of our online catalog) shall be injected into the joint cavity only.

Experts recommend starting the course with 3 to 5 sessions per week, and then repeat the procedures as prescribed by the doctor.

Storage Recommendations

Flexylink 4 should be stored in a dry place protected from sunlight at +2-25°C. Keep Flexylink 4 out of reach of children.

You can order the product for intra-articular injections in our online store.

Tags: Flexylink 4, For joints, ligaments, tendons, Hyaluronic acid

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