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Is it Possible to Become Taller by Using Growth Hormones?

Is it Possible to Become Taller by Using Growth Hormones?

Is it Possible to Become Taller by Using Growth Hormones?

One of the most effective anabolic hormones is growth hormone. It is considered universal because it is used for different purposes: increasing muscle mass, improving skin, rejuvenation, and more. It is actively used by celebrities, which they began to openly declare in 2016 when its particular popularity began. Bodybuilders have known about growth hormone for a long time and have been using it for many years. If you are interested in increasing your height by taking supplements, continue reading this article that we have prepared for you.

Growth hormone - what is it?

Speaking about growth hormones, it is worth highlighting the following important facts and answer the question HGH - what is it for :

  • This is a protein hormone consisting of 191 amino acids and stimulates the growth of almost all body tissues.

  • Growth hormone is natural, so it is easily excreted by the body, especially at night (at this time up to 70% of the contents are removed).

  • Excess IGF-1 is not so bad because growth hormone stimulates cells to release it.

  • Growth hormone regulates the amount of water in the body, which has a beneficial effect on a person’s appearance.

  • The body's production of natural growth hormone decreases on its own, starting at the age of 20.

  • Synthetic growth hormone (or recombinant) has the same characteristics as natural growth hormone and is produced in the laboratory under strict control.

What factors influence human height?

Human height largely depends on genetics. A healthy diet to strengthen bones, as well as taking care of an even posture, will help you look taller. 60-80% of height is determined by genetics, and the remaining percentage depends on your lifestyle and nutritional intake.

How does growth hormone affect human height?

Children with very short stature often have this problem due to a lack of growth hormone. In addition, this situation may be associated with genetic diseases (for example, Turner syndrome). They are observed in girls. Also, very short stature can appear due to lack of food, low levels of sex hormones, poor eyesight, and so on. Children with Turner syndrome and similar conditions often have problems with their bones, kidneys, and ovaries as adults. Most often, these diagnoses appear due to a lack of growth hormone. The body may not produce enough growth hormone, causing the child to grow very slowly or not grow at all. 

So, does growth hormone really affect height? Adults who lack this substance may suffer from excess fat deposits, loss of muscle mass, impaired concentration, and loss of sexual desire. Lack of the right amount of growth hormone in the body can lead to a deterioration of the immune system, which can lead to heart disease and elevated cholesterol levels. The older you get, the less natural growth hormone production becomes. Therefore, adults may become shorter in height as their bones lose their former properties.

How to get taller?

Effects of growth hormone on children

Synthetic growth hormone is designed to help children deal with its deficiency. After proper use, children may notice an increase in their height as well as an improvement in their overall health. But before starting this treatment, you need to make sure you reach the age when the growth plates close. And roughly, this occurs between the ages of 16-21.

What should adults do?

The situation with adults is different from children. One of the popular treatment options for adults is limb lengthening surgery. This process has its own peculiarities, and rehabilitation within the walls of the hospital is usually up to 3 days. 

And it all starts when the bone to be lengthened is damaged or cut. Doctors install equipment that performs bone distraction. The bone is slowly but surely stretched. The device may have a rather complex design, which consists of a retainer, screws, or pins. A special rod made of metal may be implanted in the bone.

Different methods can be used to distract the bones - the fixator can be rotated and special nails can be applied to the limbs to apply a certain amount of pressure. The bone can stretch up to 1 mm daily. As a result, the bone expands, which means the person becomes taller. Once the goal has been achieved, the consolidation stage comes. This is necessary for the bone to regenerate and harden. The external fixator, using a metal rod or implantable hardware, is removed. If an external fixative is used exclusively, recovery can take several months, so it pays to be patient. The patient is required to undergo regular checkups including x-rays and physical therapy. In many cases, after such surgery, the patient must wear a cast to keep the bone secure until full recovery. This procedure can indeed increase growth, but it has its own peculiarities, which can be learned in more detail in consultation with a doctor.

Exercise method

In addition to consuming synthetic growth hormone, there is an option to affect your height through exercise. You can increase the level of naturally secreted growth hormone through exercises such as pull-ups, stretching, swimming, suspensions, and more. High-intensity exercise can dramatically increase growth hormones. But on the subject of exercise along with a healthy diet, there is no strong evidence base, so the effectiveness of such a method is a bit questionable.

What happens if you take growth hormone to get taller?

Some people don't want you to consider surgery because of the complications and recovery, and exercise is not guaranteed to give you the results you want. Because of this, many people are turning their attention to growth hormone injections. Can they really increase height? While they may not 100% guarantee that you will get taller, they do have a number of benefits.

Growth hormone is essential for every person. It plays an important role in many processes and affects muscle mass. Because of its positive effect on bone density, the use of growth hormone has a positive effect on human growth. This is ideal for those who don't want to exhaust themselves with heavy workouts or come to surgery.


It is important to take care of your health, well-being, and appearance, and growth hormone injections can help. Take this substance correctly, and notice the positive effects both externally and internally. You may not be able to grow much, but your body quality will improve and your skin will look fresher and younger. In any case, growth hormones will have a positive effect on your body. Look out for high-quality growth hormones that meet all standards and are offered at an affordable price at our store. Every customer can count on a pleasant service and a wide range of products, so go to the site: