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HGH Supplements vs HGH Injections

HGH Supplements vs HGH Injections

HGH Supplements vs HGH Injections

The year 1980 is when I began to take an interest in bodybuilding. Muscle & Fitness was the first magazine that I ever bought. There was no better reason for me to believe that the top guys were big than Weider, his never-ending principles, and his supplements. That’s what filled my first copy of his publication and what a naive newbie bodybuilder like myself knew at that time but about steroids or HGH, I didn’t know them yet. One of the initial encounters with these substances came from his ad for Anabolic MegaPacks and Dynamic Life Essence. They were touted as being steroid replacements, but it turned out to be a huge mistake. As a result of this action, FTC called out Weider on those two products making him be referred to as “steroid-like”. 

My realization came after that incident so then I had no choice but to start searching for why these guys were so enormous. I discovered other sources of information, whereupon, it dawned on me that bodybuilders used steroids and HGH, which is also how they operate. That then explains why they were too large among other reasons. Sometimes, however, this made them look unattractive because their faces would seem disproportionate with jaws slightly bigger than normal or having strange bones like longer elbows compared to other people’s normal ones.

HGH can, of course, be used safely and responsibly to help build muscle, decrease body fat, slow the aging process, and improve your overall quality of life. There are different types of HGH. They include natural HGH supplements that stimulate its production in the body and synthetic HGH injections. So let’s consider both.

HGH supplements overview 

These are dietary supplements that are created to increase the natural production of HGH. These were among the supplements once upon a time accursed by the FDA. As it turned out though they played a part in changing product claims that supplement companies could make. While the hype is always hype, you’re not going to see a claim like “builds muscle better than steroids”, but you will see a claim like “may support muscle growth”. Yeah there are some snake oil types out there that promise all kinds of things to their customers but no legitimate manufacturer or retailer can make that kind of claim and expect to stay in business

That’s not the only thing that has changed in the supplement industry. It’s a new world out there. Full disclosure labeling is becoming more common. Clinical dosing is expected. If there’s still a problem in the industry, it’s that some products haven’t kept up. Let me put it simply: any product that consists of prop blends should be avoided, they are a waste of time and money.

Why are HGH producers hiding their formulas behind prop blends?

Simple. The amount of an ingredient you’re getting is not known with prop blends. Another issue with props is that they can be under-dosed quite often. So if we know for example that 6g is a clinical dose for one ingredient let's say? Having one proprietary blend containing the mentioned ingredient would make sense and also including 5 or 6 others, right? However, if the entire blend is dosed at 6g, you know you’re not getting enough of anything.

Here’s another problem though. Many manufacturers claim their formula is “protected” by using a prop blend here and there to hide its dosing and hence prevent it from being copied by other companies. The blend is not “preserving the formula”, but it exists for the sole reason to underdose the product and increase profit of the company. The bottom line is straightforward: seek out full-disclosure labeling and clinically dosed ingredients. 

HGH Boosters in Demand

Here’s a review of some of the most common HGH-boosting ingredients as summarized in “HGH - What Is It For?”:

  • Melatonin – This ingredient has a dual effect on HGH, promoting quality sleep that ultimately assists in releasing more natural HGH and it also directly stimulates the release of GH. 

  • Arginine/Ornithine – Arginine was originally complexed with ornithine and sold as a growth hormone boosting complex; recently, it has become famous as a nitric oxide booster.

  • GABA – It may enhance relaxation and better sleep indirectly stimulating human growth hormone (HGH). It is interesting that GABA changes from glutamine through glutamate.

  • Mucuna Pruriens – L-Dopa is an example of chemical compound identified by scientists that can increase dopamine production hence increasing HGR. All mucuna pruriens have high levels of L-dopa which makes them rich sources of this neurotransmitter precursor.

What about HGH formulas?

Here are some of the more popular ones:

  • MHP Secretagogue-One: This is a product with over 20 years of history. Its main ingredients include pituitary substrates which are primarily amino acids and a special vehicle matrix that facilitates better absorption. It is taken before going to bed and contains GABA thus enhancing the possibility of experiencing restful sleep. Back in the day, when I worked at one of the largest supplement stores in town, I could stand there for hours just staring at it. The idea fascinated me because it was so unique, it wasn’t just another arginine and ornithine combination. However, I don’t think I had enough money at that time; plus, prop blends were everywhere. It doesn’t look much for now compared to what it cost 15-20 years ago. Yet at least give it a shot if you’re thinking about trying supplements.

  • MHP Secretagogue-Gold: Secretagogue-One is its first version which was released earlier while MHP Secretagogue-Gold is the most intense version and claims to be more of an anti-aging therapy. At the same time, the company took secretagogue-one formula and added some herbal extracts as well as minerals including mushroom extracts. One can take these either before retiring or after eating.

  • ProBlen HGH: This under-the-tongue homeopathic spray is taken for swift absorption. Homeopathy refers to the style of medicine that heals a disease by rendering small remedies that could produce similar symptoms in the case of healthy individuals when consumed in larger doses. It should be used 3 times a day for between one and three months.

  • Universal Nutrition GH Max: As with MHP, Universal is an old name in sports nutrition. The entire label is disclosed and it’s moderately dosed, having 5g of arginine and 2.5g of ornithine per serving. Universal’s version of the classic arginine/ornithine complex for boosting GH levels is called this product. The supporting nutrients are too low but still, both major ingredients look alright. It should be taken before exercise on training days and at bedtime on off days.

  • Blue Star GH Peak: It pairs arginine with other amino acids as well as sleep aids such as melatonin or valerian. Additional natural sleep aids also include absorption enhancers plus ashwagandha, which is an adaptogenic herb. This formula intended to enhance growth hormone levels represents a bold move since it discloses everything and uses a special form of arginine (l-arginine pyro-glutamate).

It can effectively be dosed at 1.5g. Its lightness only peaks at 1.2g and although the entire formula looks good, other ingredients such as melatonin for instance that is solidly dosed with 5 mg will also improve HGH release. This is taken before bed.

  • Sst And Sst-igf Kit: Two products make up this combination. SST-1: GH has both mucuna pruriens and anterior pituitary peptides in it. For example, SST-1: IGF consists of 22mcg of whey protein isolate’s IGF. Here’s another one, SST Kit, which is a somewhat daring formulation from Blackstone Labs, a maker of extreme supplements.

The GH formula is taken before bed while the IGF-1 can be had anytime during the day.

  • Redcon1 Fade Out: Whereas other companies might take a more exotic approach to their HGH boosters, Redcon1 targets its own toward better sleep quality. There is a strong dose of melatonin (5mg) which includes other sleep aids among arginine monohydrochloride, GABA, mucuna pruriens, and ornithine in addition to others hence all together there are about eighteen potent sleep aids per scoop if not more than this number. It’s an open label that’s well-dosed, and it’s from a trusted company. The Redcon1 Fade out product should be used at night primarily before going to bed since it contains some stimulating ingredient.

Mechanism Of Action of HGH Supplements

Usually, supplements are part of the whole natural HGH stimulation approach. These work in different manners based on what the focus of the supplement is/what it is focused on/it is focused on. A higher level of natural HGH release, such is achieved by a supplement to coax and/or make it occur at an elevated rate. They will use other pathways to get this done, including improved sleep quality.

This implies that during sleep, as we sleep our body secretes about 70% of its HGH. Bodybuilders and athletes can change their training around for specific outcomes. The suggested use of compound exercises, with rest periods no longer than one minute, reps in the range between eight and twelve plus total sets in the middle twenties is just fine. 

HGH Supplements versus HGH Injections

Injection usually occurs when synthetic HGH is administered into someone’s body. Before 1985, human pituitary glands were used to extract this hormone from bodies/human bodies/humans’ bodies. In 1985 recombinant or synthetic growth hormone was first developed and approved by the FDA for use both in kids and adults as well hence; prescription HGH is available at your local pharmacy. 

After about two weeks, the effects of synthetic HGH will become noticeable and more dramatic in the next eight weeks. The usual period for which synthetic HGH is administered lies within 12 to 16 weeks with a similar amount of time dedicated to an off-cycle. Different brands of synthetic HGH are available. These can be classified into Western brands and Chinese (Eastern) brands. We shall then look at various brands under each category and their advantages and disadvantages.

Normally, Western brands are costlier compared to Chinese ones:

  • Genotropin – It has been used in treating children and adults for over 30 years.

  • Omnitrope – This product was introduced on the market in 1997.

  • Growtropin – It started being sold in 1998.

  • Cinnatropin – This was launched to the market in 1997.


  • Good Quality 

  • High Level Of Purity

  • Good Reputation


  • Can Be Expensive

  • Fake Versions Prevail On The Black Market

Chinese (Eastern) HGH brands

In comparison with Western brands that are costly, Chinese HGH products can be considered as another option because they are less expensive than Western versions. And it makes them an excellent alternative due to similar level of quality.

In China, popular HGH injectables include brands like Jintropin, Hygetropin, Hygetropin, Oxytropin, and Ansomone. They have an anti-counterfeit system that makes them difficult to reproduce, unlike other Western brands such as Ansomone, Jintropin, Zptropin and Oxytropin.

  • Jintropin – Manufactured in China – One of the stronger and more popular HGH injectables available.

  • Ansomone – Manufactured in China – This is a sterile, lyophilized formulation. The term “lyophilized” means it was rapidly freeze-dried and dehydrated under high vacuum. 

  • Hygetropin – Manufactured in China – Not as popular as Jintropin

  • Zptropin – Manufactured in China – This has earned a good reputation with pro bodybuilders and athletes. 

  • Oxytropin – Manufactured in China - Known for its superior quality. 


  • Good Quality

  • High Degree Of Purity

  • Less Expensive As Compared To Western Brands

  • Many Of Them Are Difficult To Imitate


  • There Could Be Some Chinese Brands That Would Have Fake Variants

Mechanism Of Action of HGH injections vs HGH supplements

HGH injections work just like natural HGH does. After it is injected into the bloodstream, HGH is carried through to the liver where it is converted into insulin-like growth factor IGF-1 hence promoting cell growth by this conversion process.

Dosing Protocol

Below is a dosing protocol that can be used to define what effects one would get from using HGH. 

It is the currently accepted protocol and yields the best results:

  • 2-3 IUs – This amount of dose is ideal for those who want to look young and healthy as well as enhance their well-being in general.  

  • 4-8 IUs – HGH doses at this range are described by some “performance users” especially first-time users who are interested in more of a “bodybuilding” effect; they will experience an increase in lean muscle mass, accompanied by substantial loss of body fat.

  • 8-15 IUs – At this amount, you get maximum gains both in lean muscles and reduction of fats. It’s a huge dosing level meant for serious bodybuilders/athletes

HGH injections versus HGH supplements: Cycle Length

  • Short cycles (4-8 weeks) will help support joints, cartilage, and skin. Also, this is good for fat loss when doing a shorter cycle because the shorter your cycle the more HGH you will require.

  • Long cycles of 12-16 weeks followed by an off-cycle period with similar duration. In bodybuilding, it is always better to use such a cycle than a short one with smaller dosage. This duration is commonly utilized among anti-aging protocols.

  • Twice yearly or annual winter and summer HGH cycles lasting either 12 or 24 weeks respectively.

Frequency Of Use (ED, EOD, 3TW)

The typical number of times that HGH is used are:

  • ED (every day) – This one is common because it gives a uniform level of HGH and IGF-1. Fat loss may be best served with this as it leads to daily increases in burning fatty acids that the body uses for energy.

  • EOD (every other day) – This works better for those who are budget-conscious and can run longer cycles. It is not good for fat loss, since HGH leads to an increase in HGH-doubled fatty acids to be converted into energy by the body, dose-dependently though. Nevertheless, EOD seems to be suitable for muscle growth while its reason remains unknown.

  • 3TW (3 times a week) – GH-deficient children are dosed using this schedule.

Daily Dosing Protocol

Another option worth considering is whether there should be one or two doses separated throughout the day. Two doses per day make sense for the following reasons:

  • Two injections per day provide a steady level of GH and IGF-1, thus enhancing longer-lasting effects for fat-burning and muscle growth.

  • Two injections may ease up on liver processing.

  • Any adverse reactions will become less severe.

Conclusion on HGH supplements vs HGH injections

HGH can be increased naturally, as you can see; but synthetic HGH will give you better results. What you wish to achieve will guide your decisions. Some natural bodybuilders, athletes, or others that just want a better life may first want to consider the above-mentioned natural alternatives. However those who are interested in maximizing their outcomes should stick to synthetic HGH products.