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HGH pills VS Injections

HGH pills VS Injections

HGH pills VS Injections

You can improve your energy levels and health by taking growth hormones. It is available in different formats - tablets and injections. This drug allows you to achieve various goals, therefore it is used in the field of sports and medicine.

It is important to understand the specifics of HGH use to maintain effectiveness. Knowing all the benefits will allow you to make the right choice regarding the method.

Major definitions between Oral Hormone administration and HGH Injections 

You can increase the level of such components in the body using tablets or injections. Tablets are considered more convenient because they are easier to take and carry. Also among the advantages are a more favorable price and easy purchase without a prescription. If you do not want to undergo injections, pay attention to this method. 

HGH injections are considered more effective than tablets because they penetrate the body and digestive system better. To decide which method is best for you, it is worth listening to your doctor's recommendations. Below we will further look at the advantages of different methods.

Why is oral growth hormone popular?

Oral growth hormone may not be as effective as it should be, but it is safer. There is no supporting data on its results. The reduced effect compared to injections is that the growth hormone passes through the digestive system. Because of this, all its properties do not fully affect the hormonal system. 

Oral hormone, regardless of whether it is released in the form of tablets, drops, or sprays, enters the stomach. As a result, it passes through strong stomach acids, causing it to lose some of its effectiveness. It is worth noting that every medicine is sooner or later eliminated from the body and does not enter the blood. 

HGH supplements are often interpreted as helping to increase libido, improve stamina, strength, etc. However, in bodybuilding, this strategy may not bring the desired result. Growth hormone injections are a completely different topic, the effectiveness of which needs to be given special attention further.

Benefits of growth hormone injections

The advantages of such hormone injections have been proven by a large number of people, in contrast to the oral method. The main reason for its high effectiveness is that such a drug is not excreted by the body, since it does not pass through digestion.

Research has shown that the results and benefits of this method are significant. Let's list them:

  • Accelerated muscle recovery after training for various difficulties.

  • The immune system improves and strength and endurance increase.

  • Positive impact on women's health.

  • Can replace natural supplements used in bodybuilding and various sports.

  • Positively affects the preservation of youth.

  • The ability to conceive increases for women and men.

  • Effective in treating arthritis.

You can read a lot of literature and popular journals like The Lancet and The New England Journal of Medicine to be convinced of the above benefits of injectable growth hormone. 

How to make the right choice between the two methods?

Many bodybuilders know the difficulty of choosing between pills and injections of growth hormone. Moreover, the goal can be different - both achieving sports results and improving health. If you want to achieve maximum effectiveness, you should forget about growth hormone pills. Better, pay attention to injections and even doctors talk about this.

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