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HGH Injections And How To Do Them

HGH Injections And How To Do Them

HGH Injections And How To Do Them

When you are organizing your initial HGH cycle, you have to understand how to inject it correctly in order to get the best results. As a matter of fact, HGH injections and their doing may be the vital part of your cycle. On the whole, if you desire to achieve what people are saying out there about it, then ensure that you know what you are doing. So in this article discussed proper ways on how to inject HGH along with suggested dosing and frequency protocols.

Introduction of HGH Injection

Synthetic or recombinant human growth hormone (HGH) was developed for the first time and tested in 1956. In other words, fast forward to 1985 when recombinant or synthetic human growth hormone which was FDA approved for both children and adult use came into place. For bodybuilders/athletes and some individuals who want to age slowly, (HGH) serves as an effective tool. 

How Do HGH Injections Work?

Firstly, GH travels inside of our bodies until it enters the liver. However at the liver it is converted into IGF-1(Insulin-like Growth Factor). It is important to realize that IGF-1 takes charge for many effects observed from HGH.

A person should first of all think well about HGH injection procedures before they begin to administer the injections. These decisions are mostly influenced by your objectives and financial allocation. To summarize this point briefly, you may inject HGH daily (ED) or every other day (EOD). The main difference is cost. EOD allows for a longer duration of use than ED. However, this might not help you achieve your aspirations. This is especially if shedding fat such that most people desire optimal fat burning effect every day. As for cycle length, plan on using it in a 4-6 month cycle for best possible results.

Human Growth Hormone Injections Dosing Protocol

The suggested dosing protocol with regard to goals is: 

  • 2-3 IUs – This dose is suggested as anti-aging and improving quality of life.

  • 4-8 IUs – This is a good starting dose for women bodybuilders and men that have never used HGH before.

  • 8-15 IUs – That range represents the dosing scale for serious bodybuilders and athletes.

Human Growth Hormone Injections And How To Inject HGH: Dosing Schedule

Another issue to be considered when it comes to HGH is the dosing schedule. This can make sense in a couple of ways:

  • Two daily injections keep the HGH and IGF-1 at a stable level for more positive results.

  • Liver finds two shots easier to process.

  • Side effects will be less severe.

How To Mix HGH For Use

Below are step-by-step guidelines on human growth hormone injections, how to do them and where to inject HGH. This procedure explains how you should mix your HGH for use. Ensure that you understand each of them and follow through with them.

  1. Open up the vial of HGH at its top.

  2. Rub off the rubber cap using alcohol.

  3. Take an insulin syringe and draw 1 ml of water into it (or, fill it up completely). Alternatively, depending on your dose you may draw 0.5-2 ml of water. This makes the injection more effective.

  4. Insert the needle into the vial through its cap and then slowly press down on plunger inside it.

  5. Remove plunger from syringe; this helps reduce vacuum, do not let water pull back.

  6. Remove the syringe from the vial and let the powder dissolve. 

  7. Ensure you put the vial in a fridge with a temperature range of between 2 and 8 degrees Celsius (35 to 42 degrees Fahrenheit).

HGH Injections – How To Do Them Painlessly

Take a look at these easy steps, ensuring that you perform every step indicated:

  1. To start with, wash your hands using soap and water before doing anything else.

  2. Draw up your Human Growth Hormone into your syringe. 

  3. Use your hand to make a crease (or fold) on your tummy’s skin. You want its needle you insert to be at an angle of about 45-degree (or follows the direction of the tummy skin crease). Be sure to give injections between the skin layer and muscles into which it is injected. 

  4. Slowly release HGH inot he body but do not withdraw immediately after injection. Keep it for like five or ten seconds before removing it.

  5. Don’t always use one place for injection. There should be changes of locations for injections as well as avoiding inflammation or pain at site where substances are being injected.

  6. HGH products should be taken on empty stomachs only i.e. wait for around half an hour post-injection before grabbing something to eat.

  7. Human Growth Hormone is best taken at dawn when the amount of sugar in your blood is minimal.

  8. The second shot cannot be made before six to eight hours. 

What To Expect From Your HGH Cycle 

The outcome of your cycle will depend on many factors: the amount of drug, your age and weight. Other factors include training intensity and nutrition. In general, if you use 5 IU/day dose over a period of 4-6 months, you should expect to gain about 10-15 pounds more lean muscles and lose about 10lbs fats. Also, if you have sore joints, they will hurt less and you will look younger that before.

Stacking HGH 

It’s common for many bodybuilders and athletes to stack several drugs at one time. The two most common stacks are as follows:

  • HGH and Steroids – Just add HGH (Human Growth Hormone) onto your current steroid cycle. It can be used in both cutting or bulking cycles as a good adjuvant therapy. On bulk cycle it gives lean muscle; on cut – burn fat faster.

  • HGH and Insulin – This combination should only be used by those who have gained more experience in using such drugs like insulin which may cause severe side effects even death if misused erroneously.

Best Way To Store HGH

Somatropin injections should be stored away from heat. After you have received your vials, the undiluted medicine should be kept in a refrigerator at + 2-8 °C (35-42 degrees Fahrenheit). Once you dilute it, the medicine can also be put in a fridge.

Nutritional Considerations

Naturally, your goals will determine the kind of diet that you will follow. However, irrespective of what goals you have set for yourself, keep taking high protein foods throughout the cycle. This is because protein is considered to be the most important macronutrient. This applies not only to bodybuilders but also users who just want to slow down aging. Typically body builders consume 2-3g per 1kg of body weight per day at least. Just like fat loss doers too; regular users must take good amount of proteins especially if you want to lose fat. A low carb counting diet would work well if you are aiming at losing fats. If you haven’t changed your eating habits already this would make sense since HGH promotes fat loss any way.